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Badminton and Racquet Club of Toronto (B&R)

The arrangement involve 12 “floating” leased memberships and each leased membership entitled four individuals restricted access to the golf course. Each individual had a maximum of 10 games per year with limited guest privileges. Eighteen (18) B&R members took advantage of this arrangement and they thoroughly enjoyed their time at the Club. The average number of rounds played by B&R members was six and they generated $445 per round of golf to the Club. 

The Marketing Committee has reviewed the program and recommended that the Board consider extending this relationship for the 2008 season for the following reasons:

i)  The objectives of the program are more from a ‘value-add’ perspective for new and existing Scarboro
     members, rather than securing new members directly from the program
ii)  B&R has offered more and better access to racquet and fitness facilities during the winter months
      for Scarboro members
iii) Last season, B&R members contributed in excess of $48,000 in revenues from all sources; and
iv)  One season was not sufficient to test the program; developing a relationship over a longer period
      may result in new members (for both clubs) and more revenues; it is intended to review
      the program annually

The Board has approved extending the Scarboro/B&R connection for the 2008 season. The program will be similar to last year but with improved access the B&R facilities over the winter period:

·  12 “floating” leased memberships 
·  Each floating leased membership entitles four individuals restricted access to the golf course to a
   maximum of 48 persons
·  Each individual has a maximum of 10 games per year with limited guest privileges
·  Use of our clubhouse and practice facilities
·  This program is offered from May to October only and will be reviewed by both Clubs at the
   conclusion of the golf season

 In return, the B&R Club is offering Scarboro members the following (fee of $220 per month):

 ·  Full use of the fitness facilities from November 1 through April 30 for a fee.  Scarboro members 
    must complete the B&R fitness consultation and orientation by B&R Fitness Centre Staff
·   Access  to Group Exercise Classes
·   Access to Personal Training Services
·   Access to all B&R dining and social facilities and events
·   Access to Childcare Services (some restrictions may apply)
·   Access to our Wellness Services (Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Naturopathic Medicine,
    Acupuncture, etc)
·   Access to non-prime time courts (2 x per month per racquet sports)
·   Access to programming subject to availability (B&R Members will have priority)
·   Access to Day Lockers
·   Access to parking after 6 PM , Monday – Friday – subject to availability
·   Access to parking on weekends & holidays – subject to availability
·   An invitation to the upcoming Open House on May 7, 2008
·   Scarboro Members will be issued an account number (for tracking purposes that would be linked to
    a general Scarboro Golf & Country Club account number)

 We hope you will take advantage of this program and would appreciate your feedback. The Marketing Committee and Board of Directors feel strongly that this relationship will continue to grow and be quite beneficial to the Club in 2008 and hopefully beyond.