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Scarboro Golf and Country Club is a 4 season destination for our members with first class dining and social events. And now we have golf 12 months of the year!

Who needs to go south to play golf anymore when our Winter Golf Academy features full simulation with TrackMan technology.

For a limited time, Scarboro has introduced a Trial Membership to give you an opportunity to experience country club life and our Winter Golf Academy.

The Scarboro Winter and Golf Academy Membership is a 3 month Trial Membership available starting November 1st, 2018 that includes access to our Winter Golf Academy for practice and golf simulation along with full signing privileges in the Clubhouse for dining and social events.

Read these Testimonials about our Winter Golf Academy from our members:

“Playing in the Winter Golf Academy enabled me to shave seven full strokes off my handicap and make 2018 my most successful year ever playing golf.”
– Ryan A
“I know that the Yoga classes combined with lessons and practice over the winter months, in the Winter Golf Academy, helped start the season off right. The flexibility, core strength and techniques learned have helped push my factor down this season.”
– Matt F
“The facilities and lessons were fantastic and I enjoyed the technical information that the TrackMan provided to work on my swing.”
– Jennifer D

With the Scarboro Winter and Golf Academy Membership, enjoy Chef’s inspired creations by the fire, play a round with your friends, meet new friends and experience all that Scarboro has to offer during the winter months.

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321 Scarborough Golf Club Rd.
Toronto, ON, Canada M1J 3H2

T 416.266.4546 Ext 241

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321 Scarborough Golf Club Rd.
Toronto, ON, Canada M1J 3H2

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